anyone catch this yet?

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Have you seen Rush? That was a helluva flick.

Thanks for posting this!

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my favorite film of 2013 and probably of all the '10s.

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Schumacher used to tour the US on a Harley V-Rod during and after his years Racing F1.

I think donated 10 million towards the victims of the earthquake / tsunami that killed a 1/4 million .

One of the all time greats and good dude .

Still bummed about the ski accident.


Can’t wait to see this . Used to love getting up early Sunday morning to watch F1 .

This was really good. Not Senna good, but really good.

The french Canadian beating him was epic… JV

It was good.

Ill check this out, too.

In case anyone is curious about the coverage of Schumacher after his ski accident,

There is none. No pics or interviews with him, only his wife and kids. Lots of info from family but nothing explicit. No details on the severity or specifics of his injury but the avoidance of it leads you to believe he’s still really fucked up.

Watching now, should be in bed. I just got through the 1994 Imola part, had to take a break.

This whole story is pretty damn emotional for me. Schumacher was one of my top 3 sports heroes, and I spent quite a bit of money at a young age to see him race whenever I could.

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As great a driver as he was, he was (still is) a better person.
He was a great father, too. Hopefully Mick will be able to realize his potential in the next few seasons and leave his mark on the sport, as well.

Very few details in the last few years. He was very private, and his family honors that wish. He supposedly had a stem cell transplant in 2019, but is suffering from muscular atrophy and osteoporosis due to being basically immobile for so long.

A sad story, even sadder because he was wearing a proper helmet when the ski accident happened.

Yeah. Ironic. Dude does the most dangerous sport in the world for a living and almost dies from one of the safest.

Or at least a safe one

It is crazy. Especially considering growing up and into my early 20s I never wore a helmet while skiing. And I did some dumb shit. Thinking back about some of the falls I’ve had I honestly don’t know how I’m not dead. Hell, never even a serious injury.