Schwarzenegger gracie Pro Events!

The 2004 Arnold World Gracie Submission Championships will be adding (2) Professional competitions to the overall event, a Black Belt Invitational and a Brown Belt Professional tournament. Here are the details:

Brown Belt Professional Tournament-
The Professional brown Belt tournament will consist of 10 weight classes (rooster, super feather, feather, light, middle, light heavy, med. heavy,heavy,super heavy and double super heavy) The winners from each weight class will fight the winner from the next higher weight class. Each champion will win $500.00 (5 champions) Open to all B.J.J. Brown Belts-Just submit registration online at

Black Belt Invitational-

We will create a Black Belt competition based on the largest number of entries from a particular weight class, for example, if 20 light weight black blacks register before our posted closing date and only 2 heavy, then we will run a light weight competition. We want to represent the group with the most entries. The prize money for the winner $1000.00 and $500.00 for the runner-up! If you are interested in competing, all you have to do is email us the following information:

Name School/Team Weight Belt Rank(Must be Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu) This information must be submitted by January 15th, 2004 to: or you can call 800-765-6999 in the U.S. 614-238-3662 outside of U.S.

Competitors invited to compete will receive confirmation by the tournament director!

Please go to for more details on both competitions

Were coming up.


You guys are giving away over $20,000. at this event, DAMN!

Anyone know which chics are going to be in the pro division as of yet? Just curious.

-Tara LaRosa



I hope you can make it! I will be compeating this year in the Purple Belt Gi & Pro. No-Gi! Wish me luck!

So what's been going on with you? I heard you are in school now. I just graduated, and in the process of looking for a job.

Anyway, talk to you soon!

Dustin Ware