Schwarzenegger/ Graice site up!

The 2004 Arnold World Gracie Submission Championships website is up!
Online registration is featured on the website.

if this tournament wants to be a major show they need to allow all submissions, and not make it easier for the bjj guys.

Which submissions would you like to see allowed?

website is new or has broken links.


Anklelocks are allowed. And I think kneebars in the higher divisions. The only illegal technique is heelhooks I think.


Go to for information!

Tolocku is just a bjj hater trying to make stuff up and cause trouble.

No toeholds does limit your attack, and the only reason its outlawed at BJJ matches is because BJJ guys are always open for toeholds

They should allow all leg locks and kneebars in the Pro and Advanced divisions. People at this level know when to tap. What do you guys think. Abu Dhabi allows them

Agreed, allow all footlocks!

Im pretty sure that toe holds are allowed. At least they have been every other year. I dont think knee bar's or heel hooks are tho.

I will discuss it with our Chairman!

HI JOHN!!!!!!


Footlocks are allowed! A rules video is being made. we will have it at the weigh-in(s) and registration. Also, the plan is to put video clips up on the website for athletes to review!

p.s.- Attn: cdranka you can reach us at 800-765-6999

*ten years later*

all leg submissions should be allowed in the semi/pro divisons.

i've been to some of these shows, and theres always some blow up from brazilians about a illegal foot lock.

then no one ever seems to know what the rules are, while the american 98% of the time get screwed.
those who watched the brazilian adcc know what i'm talkin about. as well as many other instances too.

not brazilian bashing i started out in bjj. this tournament never get the major respect that adcc gets without all styles being able to show there techniqes. i.e.-catch,sombo techs.

i want this show to be the biggest in the world; i live in ohio. so when i win (if my back ever gets better)it, i can feel its represted all styles, and pure sub. wrestling.

i not bashin ya. please think about these rule changes, so the sport as well your tournament is furthered. peace


taikai fighter is correct. I'd like to see all submissions legal in the no-gi (amateur and pro) divisions, and kneebars allowed in purple belt and above gi. It's Relson's call, though, and I don't think he'd ever go for it.