First the twin turbocharged infinity V-8.Then the car it goes into.

LOL.......just noticed he skimped on wheels.

ok ok, I'd drive it.


so they're finally wising up and playing with v-8's eh? Good work.

That car will twist like a pretzel unless he does a roll cage. That chassis is only good for about 300 hp. Once you get beyond that, you have to detract from the car and add chassis bolsters like subframes, roll cage, etc.

One of the guys here has one that he is installing a RB26DETT engine into. We have to keep it close to stock because he doesn't want to have to climb over or through the roll cage.

Nice work though!!!

Heh good point, hadn't thought of that. I'm always amazed at the feel of a car before and after a roll cage. Even cars that already have frame ties and such, the difference in rigidity is amazing.

Not sure about timoxen's post as I drove one with 450hp.

Big hp is childs play compared to the forces put to the tub by cornering at 1.0g and general driving over bumps.

Anyone who has driven an early Z car at speed will tell you a bit of suspension work is needed for high speed stability or any predictability at the cornering limit. I've had a 240 with a 260 motor and side draft weber assembly step out on me during a high spped sweeper and it was a real "pucker up" moment, let me tell you. On the flip side, I have been the passenger in an older Scarab conversion(350 Chevy V-8 in a 240Z) that was glued to the road,straight line or corners, so it's all in how you sort it out. A friend of mines father was one of the Badass Z-car suspension tuning guys in the Bay Area some years ago (Dan-Do Performance)and had many autocross wins in his stock looking Z. He'd show up with a set of A-008's and a jack in the back, change tires when he got there, and thrash the trailer queens.

I ran A001Rs on mine.

The toe settings and the front tension/compression rod bushings have to be in good shape or you'll be all over the place during braking.