Scientific facts that sound like you’re unhinged


Yes they do. That’s what good colon pounding gets you

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i think he’s being cute… saying a 2 D pic cant produce a 3D image

Bees Can Detect Bombs

A bolt of lightning contains enough energy to toast 100,000 slices of bread.

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I don’t think you got the joke man.

I got it, unfortunately I don’t think you got my joke. I figured saying that a manure stain would give you the illusion of brown hair would tip people off.

If the earth was flat, how deep is it?

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So maybe, like a cube?


Well, that’s certainly sobering.

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i have also read that because we are still expanding that eventually everything will be so far apart and the stars will be extinguished that the universe will have zero heat and be so cold that it would essentially freeze.

not sure if that can be true if there are black holes though?/

Thanks for the perspective Tim urban you motherfucker


The bible explains how to get into heaven, not how the heavens go. You’re making a huge mistake trying to use the bible, to figure out such things. That literally could have been any number of species that isn’t a Dinosaur. The bible isn’t meant to have things described in detail because it’s not a history book. That’s not it’s main function. This is why all the morons who kept claiming they knew the “secret math” Jesus left to describe when the final days are constantly are wrong and look foolish.

You’re looking for and finding things that aren’t really there. You want them to be there which is a dangerous way of going about it. It’s the same way white Christian’s claimed that the bible was for “non-slaves” a few hundred years ago. The bible says nothing of the sort. It’s only after people decided that they knew best and ignored their own teachings that these things came to be.

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White Christians were preaching in Africa and everywhere else a few hundred years ago. White Christians never stopped preaching to slaves.

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A Protoceratops fossil looks exactly like the griffin of myth & the Greeks began writing of griffins when they came in contact with the Scythians who were mining the mountains where the fossils were common.
Many scientists believe that fossils of extinct animals is why ancient peoples in disparate cultures spoke of dragons & other similar animals.
Ancient man is thought to have not understood what extinction even was.

Gobleki Tepe is far more that twice as ancient to the builders of great pyramid… than the builders of the great pyramid are ancient to us


rjjh old school

old school homo here though

Mantis Shrimps “punch/strike” is 50 times faster than the human eye can blink. At only 6 inches long the Mantis Shrimp P4P has the hardest strike of any species on Earth. It’s punch/strike is so fast that when he throws it the surrounding water for just a moment heats up to the same temperature as the surface of the sun.

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Yeah, this one always blows my mind. I can’t imagine how much knowledge we lost throughout the centuries.