SCIENTIFICWRESTLING.COM the new lead sponsor of the ShootHook Submission Tournament. It is now the Official East Coast Qualifier for the KING OF CATCH tournament. Winners of the catch divisions will qualify for the tournament which will determine the National Champion of Catch Wrestling.

Thank you Jake for all of your support.



great site!

ttt for SW.COM

Jake Shannon is a great guy. He is truly one of the genuine good guys in this sport. He has done a lot to bring some older stuff to the new generation.

Thanks guys!

Well let's just get some tough guys into the tourney to put on a good show! is leading edge (or old-school, depends on your perspective, lol) now by offering a Catch-rules division.

Exciting times indeed!

Everyone interested in entering a Catch tourney should try to make this one.

Jake has at this point done more for Catch Wrestling than anyone else in the game, great work!


Can we hold a Rocky Mountain Catch Tourny??????? Rocky Mountain Catch Wrestling (RMCW) oooppps Blind Mike would get pissed at that huh Jake ? ; )


It would be cool to get a central qualifier going though...

Hey Jake,

You need to get the guys at Membergate to check on your site, cause it's kind of screwy with Mozilla

Good to hear that positive things are happening.





Any chance Barnett shows up?



I wish Josh Barnett would show up. that would be totally RAD!!!!