Scientists: Humans face evolved to take a punch

Interesting article.

Claims that around the same time the human hand evolved to be able to make a close fist, we see changes in our jawbones to be bigger and stronger, giving evidence that when people we able to start throwing punches, evolution selected for people with jaws capable of taking a punch....

Interesting theory, not sure if it is true. Even while making a proper first, it is very easy to break your hand throwing a punch without gloves. And so I'm not sure that ancient humans would have used the punch all that much while fighting, especially in life or death situations where rocks, clubs, etc..would have been used. You could argue that we developed our hands in the interim between being able to punch and using weapons, although chimps are known to use weapons during a fight. Or that people were fighting to the death or near death (the loser would not have passed on his genes) in hand to hand combat.

So the hand development doesn't make sense to me. However it is known in MMA and boxing that having a 'strong jaw' is a requisite, and people who can take the best punches are those with large, prominent jaws. So maybe..

Do you think this is plausible?

Seems highly far fetched imo.