Score Saku x Gracie

I got first 10-10

They need to engage more.

Saku got the punch, Gracie was good on the ground, nice twist on being
the kicking aggressor from the buttscoop

the crowd is ignorant

round 2 = 10-10

no clear domination by either

crappy kickboxing match so far

I like Royce a lot, but what can he do to Sak? Sak is excellent on the ground and stronger than Royce. I think Royce could probably only win by decision or by a KO by bananna peel.

judges have to be giving the rounds to someone. who gets the slight advantage?

round 3 = 10-9 Gracie... due to more aggression


Gracie = 30

Saku = 29

what an atrocious fight...should be a draw


fight didn't go long enough


I doubt anyone was clamoring for more of that, though.


sherdog had it 29-28 for sak.

I would say 29-28 Royce.

Saku got robbed. Saku had more sub attempts and the only Knockdown.

Shitty fight, but saku won that easily.

Im not sure how Royce won that fight with those hilarious TKD kicks, but Sak was just as bad. Neither fo these guys should ever step foot in the ring again

Saku didn't help his case at the end of the last round - he looked like he'd gotten frustrated, gave up and wanted to go home. The commentators were shaming him. Of course a sh*tty judge is going to get moved by that.