Score Saku x Gracie

How did you score Gracie-Sakuraba II? (967 Votes)

30-27 Gracie 19%

29-28 Gracie 25%

30-27 Sakuraba 8%

29-28 Sakuraba 34%

Draw 14%

yeah, but in reality Royce won

I dont see how any of you thought that Saku won that fight. He did not do anything. He had a knockdown in the first and was not even close to finishing Royce. Even when Royce was butt scooting he must have landed 20 unanswered kick to Saku's legs. Royce also landed some hard knees to Saku's legs. Royce outworked Saku in every round.

Sounds like MMA is GOING STRONG!!!!!!!, not

Saku wins 2rds to 1 in a boring fight.

Royce won clearly - superior work rate, more desire to win. The JD was fair.