scoring question

I've got a question regarding scoring. It comes to me from the Roxy fight last Wednesday.

I think we can all agree Roxy won the first round 10/9.

If Roxy has lasted to the end of the 2nd round, and the boxer chick got a point taken away for grabbing the fence, then would the 2nd round have been scored 9/9? So the score at the end of the 2nd round would have been 19/18, win for Roxy?

I know this doesn't matter because that's not how things played out, but i'm just wondering.

If Roxy won the first round 10-9 and lost the second round 9-10, but the opponent got a point deducted, then your math adds up perfectly.

But it wasn't a decision she was TKO'd. She still would have lost. Phone Post 3.0

I know. i'm just saying what if.