Scoring question

OK, I know it's 4 points for mount and 4 points for back mount with hooks. I realise that if you have mount and they roll so that you get back mount that means 4 points for mount and 4 for back mount. What happens if they roll AGAIN and you end up back in mount again? Do you get a further 4 points?




Generally if there is a transition in the control (same side knee ride after side-control being the only exception that comes to mind), you'd score again. So yes, you'd get another 4 points.

Cool, that makes me feel a lot better. My finishing from the top position isn't great but my control is pretty good. Looks like i'll have to try to win by points!

The other flip side of course is I now know that going from being back mounted to mounted is not the best way to escape!

This is taken from the int. Brazilian jiu-jitsu rules.



The competetion for your nature makes the athletes use thier technical abilities attempting to finish or neutralize his adversairy. The point is the superior technique displayed durring the match puting the oppositions and negative points on the adversary.


The athlete cannot have new points generated when he is in a position where he recieved points previously, changes position intentionally and returns to the same position. Example: For knee on the belly and switching sides, there will be no new points awarded.

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I think that refers more to people getting (for example) knee on stomach, going back to side control and then back to knee on stomach. For that you wouldn't get the points again.

I asked in class tonight and was told mount, back mount, mount = 8 points total and not 12.

Get used to it, i.e. the vagueness in BJJ's scoring system. Clarity and consistency of the rules is not one of the 'sports' strong points. The best you can hope for is on the day the head ref (if there is one) will field questions from the competitors and they'll set some 'guidelines' the event.

You'll see all sorts of oddities over time. Some of the more memorable moments over the last four years that come to mind:
* people being disqualified for a blood nose - without warning nor an opportunity to steam the bleeding;
* having neck cranks illegal, unless they are being used to pass guard (what happens if you tap out during a illegal neck crank being applied whilst passing guard?);
* throws not being scored because of how the thrower landed, not the throwee;
* and don't even get me started on Advantages!

yes, went to one tourny and the refs were coaching their own fighters on the same mat and also the mat next to them. It meant one guy getting his arm badly hurt and another getting choked unconscious. My intructor coached and was exemplery. No bias what so ever.

He has done the official CBJJ reffing course too I believe, seems every ref should.

The Gracie Invitational in Birmingham UK.

estanmilko: one of my mates is playing around your way at the moment, a red-headed aussie blue belt by the name of Brian, you haven't run into him by chance?

Yes I have, he's currently annoying us all by going no gi whilst we wear gi's :) Friendly guy, has some good no gi tips for us.

That's if I'm thinking of the right guy!

At Joe Moreira's seminar, the day after the tourney, they were giving some wierd point descriptions I hadn't heard.

You could get 4 points for "mount on back", meaning you're on his back, but your knees are on the mat. After holding position, you could get 4 more points for "back mount", meaning your hooks are in. So, instead of 4 points for taking the back, you could actually get 8...

Is this standard now?


That sounds fishy to me.

Estanmilko: be careful of Brian he is a psycho karate guy at heart. Seriously, he's very humble, got a big heart and is always willing to lend a hand. Next time you run into him, let him know you picked up some tips from Dutch aka Jason and take it too him.

Our clubs website (I'll post a picture of him in the gallery shortly) is

Re scoring: People are always playing with alternate point scores etc. Something else that comes to mind - when the player is turtling and you kneel next to him, hold his shoulders 2 points b/c it is half a backmount.

Christ, what happens if you do a no-knee knee ride? One point?

As for the "Offical" rules:

"The point is the superior technique displayed durring the match puting the oppositions and negative points on the adversary"

WTF is that? Spanish, which is in itself a 'flexible' language, poorly translated into english. No wonder people cannot make up their mind as to what rules should be employed.

Took a look at your gallery, definitely the same person. I'll tell him you told me all his secret weak points!