Scoring solution

They should have .5 round scorings
10-10 = stalemate completely even round
10-9 = narrow round win
10-8 = hugely dominant round (opponent almost finished and took huge beating)

and the new score...

10 - 8.5= not as dominant as a 10-8 round but more dominant than the typical narrow 10-9 now

This is the best solution if they want to keep using a 10 point must system. Using the hendricks gsp fight as an example theres no way that the gsp round 1/3/5 wins should be scored equally as the hendricks 2 + 4 rounds

Round 1 = 10-10
round 2 = 10-8.5 hendricks
round 3 = 10-9 gsp
round 4 = 10-8.5 hendricks
round 5 = 10-9 gsp

Total = 48-47 Hendricks decision win

forward this to athletic commision now

People have brought up half point scoring before. I think it would only make things more confusing.

There is a 10 point must system in place now and people only use two of the ten points.

As the rule is written, a round that is won by the narrowest of margins should be scored 10-9, and the most lopsided of beatdowns should be scored 10-1.

In practice, the most lopsided beatdowns get scored 10-8, EVERYTHING else gets scored 10-9, which is el retardo.

But the problem isn't with the scoring system as it is written, the problem is with the customary application.

We could solve everything by getting rid of the judges and let the fighters battle to the death.

Done sorted. Phone Post 3.0