Scoring solution

How about the NHL counts 1 goal as 7. A 5-3 game would be 35-21. would that then be more appealing to Americans? is football really any more high scoring a game than hockey? or is the NHL completely full of shit in thinking scoring will solve it's inability to appeal to the US?

why did the game not sell in the US in the 80's when scoring was at an all time high? why is lacrosse a fast paced, high scoring game not popular in the US if scoring is the solution?

Americans often say hockey is not affordable, ice, equipment, etc. So how come a more affordable sport like Lacrosse then doesn't sell there? Lacrosse is just as easily playable as football, but Lacrosse has something in common with hockey, and that is, it's not American. So lets stop wasting our time here.

God i am really getting sick of this. and what is with these clown run American sports shows. The other day I briefly by fluke had Pardon the interruption on with two of biggest blowhard American bozo's I have ever seen, and the lets call him the African American individual. The guy starts crying, asking why is it that there isn't the same outrage over the Nichol sucker punch on Spacek that there was for the incident in the NBA on Anthony. the guy then goes on to clame it's a race issue. like what kind of ridiculous shit is that? for one, why should there be an outrage to an incident in a sport you dont pay the slightest bit of attention to, but then the moment something happens that they preceive as negative these assholes want to finally take notice so they can shit on the game, and then go back to pretending that the game doesn't exist. is it a race issue that basketball is far more popular in the US than ice hockey? and these are the people we are trying to sell the game to. I pray the game is never sold to these kinds of people. the game would be ruined completely, and it's a shame some people dont get that.

Hopefully, his boxing duties will keep him away from the computer.


actually I will be scouting potential leaf superstars in the WJC's.

oh and Mark, as I'm sure you are quitely aware of. Thats a hell of an American team you have this year. congrats on a hard fought tournament opening loss to Germany. picking up right where you guys left off last year I see.