SCOTLAND about to play JAPAN

Scotland vs Japan is happening in about 2 hours. What are your picks?

I don't know much about the Scottish team, but I do think the Japanese team is a bit overrated, so I'm going with Scotlnad :-D

Japan also lost to Bulgaria (iirc) a few days ago

Yip. Good game. Pity about the score. Japan shot for goal more often it seemed, but looked like Scotland was better with the ball handling.

I think if you have a pair of football boots in Scotland you'd get a game for the national team.

I was trying to watch the FA cup final in a bar and just as Extra-time was starting the bar owner switched the big screen over to Japan/Scotland.
(still had the FA Cup on the small screens)

Fucking ridiculous!

Anyway, if Japan can't beat Scotland they have no hope of progressing past their group in the World cup.
(Brazil, Croatia and Australia)