Scott, a topic of controversy

Scott,There is a thread in the Atama BJJ forum entitled BJJ & Weight Training. The discussion at hand is in regards to the value of crosstraining, particularly with weights/resistance training, as opposed to strictly practicing skills. (The discussion really begins about halfway through the thread.)As someone who greatly respects your opinions and achievements, I would be very interested in your views on this subject, if you have time to check it out.

I'll check it out later this evening.


Adam, sorry but I'm not going near that conversation. I have no interest in "debating" the value of sport-specific training and and the veracity of transferability. I read, "skill BECOMES the physical attributes." My colleagues and I approach training from the opposite direction.

Scott,Thanks just for taking the time to check it out. I've posted what I believe will be my last post on there as well. I agree with your position (obviously), and I DO understand why such a debate would not be a productive use of your time.I'll be registering this week for the CST Beta Cadre, I'm looking foward to adding a new realm to my training and coaching!Thanks again,Adam LaClair

Adam, it'll be a blast... and we will be moving in a very unique and fascinating paradigm - "attributes CREATE skills."

:-) Sounds fun!!

TAKU...Agrees with Coach Sonnon.


P.S. Hi Adam, loooong time no see.
(Liam from the first P.D.R.)

Hey Liam! I thought that might be you! How's it going?

fucker taku...stealing my name :)