Scott Adkins aka Boyka

 How do you think this guy would do in mma? He's a b level action / martial arts movie star from england and on camera shows off amazing skills.  anyway here is a video of him leading up to filming of undisputed 3

let me know what you think


 ^^ my bro has held the pads for him before but only a half power kick (he was about 15) and said it hurt.

i asked him what about your instructor

"sent him across the room with a sidekick and my instructor was an animal too back then"

not this vid above, they diddnt film it

Dude is a beast Phone Post

 from wiki

Adkins first practised martial arts when he visited a Judo club with his father and brother at the age of 10. At the age of 14, he began to train in Tae Kwon Do. After a few years he moved on to kickboxing. He is now a fully trained kickboxing instructor for the P.K.A.. Adkins holds black belts in JudoJujutsu and Wushu and has also trained in KarateNinjutsu and Muay Thai. 

turns out theres already a bunch of threads on the internet asking this very question.

guess he's just happy to make movies / teach etc

he's in the new expendables