Scott RE: Grappler's toolbox

I just got my grappler's toolbox in the mail and have a question. Is the picture quality supposed to be this bad? The colors are all muted, Scott's skin tone is the same as his shirt. The washed out color look is so bad it almost looks black and white. The content is awesome, and I honestly would not mind if all copies of the GTB are washed out, but I would mind if it is only my copy. Did I get a defective copy, or are the tapes supposed to be like that?

I apologize for the production quality. It was my first video. It was replaced with the Body-Flow video tape series, though people still request to purchase GTB.

so all the copies are like that? Thats totally cool with me. I was worried that only my copy was like that. I am loving the exercises. Do you have any suggestions for the shinbox? this seemingly simple exercise is killing me. I can't move with the smoothness you show. I end up slamming my knees on the ground (which you said NOT to do). Any tips?

What problems do you experience specifically?

I think I had the same problem. Try to put some movement in your hips as if you are pulling them back, and then pushing them out as you switch shinboxes. Visualize your knee coming in for a landing like a plane rather than just ker-plunking them down. Breathing is also very important. Melt into a shinbox. Also, sound advice for a cossack squat.

Beautiful post Robert. Thank you.