Hello, just wanted to let everyone know that I am now available to teach. I presently teach at the Kombat Arts Training Academy Tues and Thurs nights from 8:00 to 9:30pm and Sat afternoons from 3:00 to 4:30. In addition to KATA, I am looking to increase my teaching schedule. Therefore I am available all days and Mon,Wed,Fri Nights. I am also available for Privates,Seminars,Workshops and Gradings. Please contact me at

Thank you: Scott Schilling

Scott Schilling
Brown Belt 2nd Stripe
Sylvio Behring Team
9 Years BJJ Experience
Teaches at K.A.T.A. Kombat Arts Training Academy




Scott knows his martial arts and is a helluva competitor and a referee's nightmare!

One of canada's best bjj instructors, hands down. I had no bjj experience, went for 2 privates, and placed 3rd at a tourney. TTT FOR SCOTT!!


Yes, Scott is an awesome instructor. He is very technical and patient when he is instructing. The cool thing is when he teaches something in class, he will apply it on you when you are sparring with him just to show you it works! It just sucks when it's collar chokes :)

Scott, thanks dude, you made me a believer in BJJ. It's the only martial art I have trained in where I can consistently and convincingly beat bigger and stronger opponents. And BTW I am still undefeated in all my basement challenges against my JJJ/Judo/Hapkido/TKD/thug opponents. I'll be in the next Gracies in Action ;)


Your doing fantastic Gill keep up the good work. Get me some video of your basement matches. And get your butt in here for a grading, you are no longer a plain white belt

Scott is one of the best intructors in the GTA hands down. I have been training with him at KATA for 7 months and I have also done several privates with him. He is probably one of the most technical BJJ instuctors anywhere and an awsome compeditor to boot. I personally think that it is private instruction that will make or break a BJJ compeditor, and scott is the best instructor to take privates from. His private lessons improved my game in leaps and bounds. Although I have yet to take on any challengers in my basement I am pretty confident in my abilities to handle myself on the street or in competition, this is all thanks to Scott.

Thank You Jason you are a valuable addition to the team! Keep up the good work.


TTT Scott Schilling is one of GTA's finest.

Thanks Josh.


I heard he knows a thing or two about sleeve chokes.

As for his reffing, I heard he's okay...:)


You are welcome.

Scotts getting tired of TTTing so ill help him out ;)

TTT for Scott Schilling/Behring BJJ

Thanks Pinky!