Scott is one of the best instructors in Martial Arts and a very skillfull fighter as well.

Years ago you must go to find a real BJJ in California or somewhere far from you have a group of Canadians with high level of knowledge and into the BJJ essence.

Brazil still a place to visit and train with some renowed names, but you have:

Marcus Soares, Esfiha, Munduruca, Joao Vasconcelos, Wagney Fabiano, Pedro Albuquerque, Mark Bocek, Kang, Shah Franco, Scott Schilling, Omar Salvosa, Joslins, Trevor, Kyle Cardinal, Mark Colangelo, Brian Cyr, Vince Mattei, Joe Fournier, Alex Roque, Phill, Jason StLouis, Roger Paradise, Justin Bruckman, Marco Costa, Monkey, Jesse Richardson, Rowan, Syl Moroney, Dany many good instructors and professors to train with...

Even with diferent methodology we reached a point that you don´t need to go far to improve your game...just go and train.

In Michigan you have: Alexandre Ribeiro and Rodrigo Nunes (Winner Behring), Renzo and Kioto in New York...

In 2004, Sylvio Behring Canadian Association will have:

Black Belt, professors: Munduruca, Pedro Albuquerque and Bob McRoberts.
Black belts: Glen Flamand, Joe Doerkson, Shah Franco and Scott Schilling.
Brown: Curtis Brimgham, Rolph, Monkey, Marco Costa, Brian Cyr and Todd Kowalsky.

TTT for Scott!!!! Brazil is waiting for you!!!



Did I miss the annoucement when Monkey and Costa got there Brown Belts????? Thats some Big news too miss!!!

Professor I can assure you that you will be very proud of your choice to grade me to Black Belt. I feel I am am not ready yet in my heart of hearts but will be soon. Ok back to training!

TTT For Sylvio Behring Jiu-Jitsu!!!

sorry ... my bad ... i didnt see that part

Wow! impressive. And the guys listed must really like that post!

TTT for Scott and Prof.Behring!!!


Take advantage of this offer folks. I have been training under Scott Schilling for a little under a year now and have seen great improvement in my submission grappling. I have to say that Scott has been a major part of my success, because of him I have done well at several international tournaments IE:the Grapplers Quest,and the Pan Ams of Submission Grappling.

Thanks Scott!


I must agree with freefaller21, private lessons help your game leaps and bounds. Scott is very particular and thorough. Privates help sharpen your game, and take it to the next level. We just don't get that oppurtunity at KATA, as we only have 3 classes per week. I'm no great fighter, but I would not even be half as compentent as I am now without the personal instruction.

TTT for Scott Schilling/Behring BJJ

Scott is one of the best Martial Arts Instructors I had chance to work with!

Just take a look on the results he reached in his first year at Kata!

TTT for Schilling!!!

Sylvio Behring

Scot kicks ass,hes a great instructer and a great guy....
Try to pass it on to friends about sctot being available to teach,for those without the net..

Scott is an excellent instructor in BJJ. His level of instruction and care far exceeds any other instructor that I know of. Scott has an original way of teaching techniques by breaking them down, which really helps the students to fine tune the techniques. Besides his high level of instruction and care, Scott is also a great fighter!! I feel that the entire team that trains under Scott is extremely fortunate to have him as an instructor and friend.

TTT for Scott!

Scott is a very gifted fighter and an awesome instructor! TTT for Scott! Get him before someone else does! Rodrigo Munduruca Team BehringWinnipeg.

ttt 4 scott just cause... :)


Thank you to all of my friends and students for all of the kind words and support