Scott Schilling = Warrior

Well, the title says it all.

Scott didn't hold anything back in his 3 matches at the Grappling Classic Pro division in Michigan. I was really impressed with his grappling technique, intensity and determination (I already knew he had those things, but damn, it was off the hook yesterday).

His first fight, he had complete control of the match and ended up winning with a DOUBLE ARM BAR / OMOPLATA / GOGOPLATA type of move ... I'll leave it to your imagination to figure it out. His opponent wasn't too happy. LOL

Second match was against Dave Gardener (I think) who went on to place 2nd in the pro division. This guy had good wrestling and a tough top game. Scott started out the match with an advantage, Dave scored a couple of points from a guard pass and takedown I believe. He was content to stall/run away the rest of the match, but Scott kept pushing the action like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately, Scott came away without the win in that match, but Gardener should've had a point or two taken away for stalling near the end of the fight. This was a war with more than one headbut thrown during the match.

3rd fight was against a very tough and determined Henry Matamoros (a super nice guy whom I was also cheering on, except when he went up against Scott). They went back and forth for a bit and it looked like it was gonna be close, but the previous battle against Gardener I think had taken its toll on Scott and he got caught by a VERY TIGHT armbar. Great match either way though.

Overall, it was a great division and almost everyone came to go to war ... had a great time watching it. Everyone was very impressed with Scott's skills and focus. Way to go man!!!

The two guys in the finals (Gardener and ???) were talented, but their styles were more or less takedown and stall, pretend to be busy in the guard types of deals. Oh well, they played by the rules and won (although, in my opinion, they should've been deducted some points).

Also, congrats to Scott's team. You guys looked great out there.

Shawn Gerris (hope I spelled that right) is a MONSTER. Looked great in both the gi and no-gi divisions taking first place in both (I think) and wrecking some shit up in the process, I saw one of his opponents before their match and he didn't seem to pleased to be facing Shawn after seeing him throw people around like ragdolls ... hehe ... good stuff.

Also, congrats to Tony (Antonio?) from Bravado.

Sorry guys, I don't remember the exact details of all your matches.

Great job guys! I hope someone taped it.

Much taping was done!!

always impressed by Scott,he's just as intence as a training partner....

TTT for Scott Schilling

Next time that tournanemt will be yours!!!

Scott was on !!!

The toll both hex...Almost stranded at the border.....White Hot Chocolate.....Then a near death experience....The bone chilling ride in the jeep....The "hairy eyeball" from Dave at the Allen Park Motel...The threat of the SNORE....Only 2 hours sleep.......and still a CHAMPIONSHIP PERFORMANCE!

Congrats Scott

First off, I want to say that Scott has untouchable warrior spirit. He so impressed me and everyone at Metro Fight Club that we will no longer call him Scott, his new name is "guerreiro" to us.

Secondly, I am offended at some of the statements here. I would like to say that this tournament was for money, not just for fun. As such, I told Gardner to do what he did. You do not get ahead of a fighter of guerreiro's Calibre with a minute left and then give that up being careless. Not if you want to go home with the check! At the same time, Gardner did not stall in that match until the last 40 seconds, he fought hard for takedowns, trying to pass, trying to look for openings, Scott just has near flawless defense and did not give anything up. Also realize, Guerreiro is on the same team, Winner Behring. Metro Fight Club considers the Behring crew family and we hope it is the same in reverse! My BJJ instructor is Marcio Corleta! I am Gardner's coach. So please, consider that guerreiro did not lose to the enemy! Winner Behring prevailed no matter who won..It stayed in the family.

Both Guerreiro and Gardner fought so hard that they had nothing left in the tank, that is the only reason, IMO, either lost the next match.

As Gardner so eloquently put it, we cant wait to see you guys again, just not on the mat!! You are all fearless warriors who have our complete respect!

Much love,


Cavalo Louco


The intent of my post wasn't so much to put Gardner down as it was to say how impressed I was with Scott.

In my opinion (which may be biased since I was cheering for Scott) I think there was a case for Dave being deducted a point during the match ... then again, if I watch the fight on tape I might change my mind. At any rate, Dave is a very talented grappler who did manage to pass Scott's guard and hold him down for quite some time.

The other finalist (don't know his name) should've definitely been deducted a point (or two) for moving away from Matamoros so much in the other semi-final (he got 4 clear warnings from the ref during the match).

I probably would've done the same thing if I was fighting for a thousand bucks (unless it was gonna cost me points), but if I was a promoter running a similar tournament, I would put in a strict no fleeing action rule where you get two warnings and then a point taken off for each subsequent warning.

Take this as my opinion and nothing more ... Anyway, congrats to all your guys. I really liked Matt Jubera's (sp?) grappling style (I think he's part of your team).


and as for the headbutts, I don't think any of them were thrown intentionally, it just seemed like both guys really wanted the win and they were fighting on heart.

TTT for Scott and team Behring!

Perhaps a point deduction for the last 40 seconds but we would have taken that. He was ahead far enough for us to risk that. Ciotoli should have been deducted for something in the Jubera match because he made attempts to pass at all..THAT is stalling IMO, but then again everything changes when it is for $$$, so I cant fault him for doing what he needed to do to win..

Yes Jubera is part of our team and also Marcio Corleta's student from U of M!! He is very slick, was working delariva guard in his first match really well!! Matt is amazing, especially when you consider he is only a 2 stripe blue belt in behring BJJ thus far!! although he has a much higher skill level, as you probably will agree!! Marcio hopes for him to be a world champion someday! So do I!

I think the major problem is that the matches where too short..7 minutes to catch pro level submission guys? Top level wrestlers? Man, that rarely happens in 7 minutes unless there is a huge gap in skill levels (or someone is gassed)..This is why Abu Dhabi matches are so long. I think the matches should have been longer, I thought they where supposed to be, the flyer and info said 10 minute matches. They changed it to 7 (and the brackets) last minute. Then the finals they made 10 minutes.

ttt scott how to kick ass , sorry i lost today

Shawn Geris is the Hulk.

I'm not kidding.

The Hulk damn it.

Just not so green.


Green is a pretty colour!

TTT for Shawn "The Incredible HULK" Geris!!!

I had the chance once to be in a takedown line at class with him once whenhe was visiting. The takedown I was trying to work on was an elbow grab with a pull across the body while I do a one leg grab.

It felt like I was running into a tree and trying to lift a bucket of cement EACH and EVERY time.

His takedown if I remember correctly was a double leg. The problem was that I was so light everytime he started I'd be airborne.

I kept picturing in my head the movie the Hulk and I thought for sure I was going to go through the cement wall and Fateh would give me shit for ruining the wall.