Scott Smith didn't even get 5 minutes

BS of the century

CBS probably wanted to get the Kimbo fight going so they called it,lol, this event has crumbled.

actually, good point. they only gave him like 90 seconds before calling it!

 BS Stoppage!!! Don't let that doc work fights again!!!

if it is stopped by an illegal cut it should go to the score cards


Doc looked in the wrong eye anyway

 What is the point of the "five minutes to recover" rule when, if you say you need the time, they stop it?

"I told 'em I couldn't see, give me 5 minutes and I'll be OK."

 I know, how many times did Scott Smith tell the Dr. that she was looking in the wrong eye... at least 3.

 There is no 5 minutes.  Wasn't a groin attack.

 The doc called it. 

of course not, doesn't fit into the script or time layout they had planned.

cyberslinger -  There is no 5 minutes.  Wasn't a groin attack.

Why do people who dont know the rules make statements about the rules?

typical bluenamer know it all who knows absolutely nothing

For all future fighters, don't say you can't see. Just say you want your 5 minutes.

Thats a shame!!!

Shoulda got his 5, THEN if he cant see, fine!! Shit it take me a few minutes to see when I poke myself!!

SCOTT GOT SCREWED!! At least he'll get his $$!

yeah, that was fucking bullshit. cyberslinger, stfu.

 ^Trust me when I tell you...  you know dick.

Ridiculous that he didn't get his 5 minutes. Doctors always seem to fuck that stuff up and jump the gun.