Scott Sonnon: A Coach's Coach

Scott Sonnon; A CoachÕs Coach

Without giving too much detail, I want to first thank
Scott for his generosity and altruism as a man of sport,
health, and martial art.

IÕve never had apprehensions as a fighter. Nor have I ever
been indecisive in my performance. IÕve always had an
odd courage and self-confidence which I recently lost for
the first time as a coach and trainer.

I just want to thank Scott for taking the time and care in
helping me come to terms with some issues that
threatened everyone who trusts me to have the answers,
the solutions, the strategies which help keep them safe
and confident in the ring.

I donÕt know much about ROSS other than what I read,
but what Scott outlined for me should be made available
to coaches, trainers, and all MAs enthusiasts. It
transcends stylistic domain and addresses sport
non-specifically. A universal truth that I was given a
glimpse of but havenÕt yet fully assimilated.

By forcing me to answer some hard questions, Scott
opened a door that I couldnÕt unlock. I owe
him a great deal for that. I want to write more, but future
developments prevent that.

Thanks, Scott. IÕm dedicating an equal share of my future
success as a coach to you. The most important thing is
that my success isnÕt based on the successes of my
training partners. ItÕs all about their skill, but I can have
total confidence and trust that theyÕve been properly
prepared to grant themselves the success they deserve.

I donÕt know if that makes any sense, but thatÕs my
understanding based on what you've forced me to come to
terms with. Thanks again.


You honour me with your generous words.

I didn't do anything, Bruce, but reflect what you had already answered of yourself.

It sounds like you have a solid hold on what is, for us all as coaches, the most challenging and fulfilling aspect of coaching. Bravo!


"Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you." - Richard Bach

There's nothing big about it. I call it like it is. Anyone that has a problem with Shooter's Tai Chi has stepped into the role of a "traditional martial artist" ESPECIALLY those with "cross-training" that cannot see through the dogma of their passing era.

Bruce is one of the few coaches that ACTUALLY enhances the individual athlete rather than imposing his "stylism." Most do not even understand this distinction.

Bruce, can you drop me a line?

Scott, you've got mail.

Got it. I'll be able to respond by MON. Thanks.

Patiently waiting... :-)