Scott Sonnon

Mr. Sonnon, I have to say I am very impressed with your exercises. I had the pleaseure of looking through your website and the displeasure of trying your techniques ;) ....oh my god my legs are killing me. Your stuff is the shit, I plan on ordering your dvd's asap. Keep up the good work. oh more thing....F Matt Furey
Joel Nott
Bloomsburg PA

I just wanted to add that bootstrapers are real quad killers. At first I thought...ah, these aren't too bad...until I got to the 20th rep in the first set...then it was omg!..these are rough!

I think that you may be thinking of Scrapper.


Yeah, sounds like SCRAPPER material, although Coach Sonnon is inspiring as well.

You can't go wrong taking advice from either of those two.

*edited for a spelling error*

big time oops....sorry bout that Scrapper. You were the one I was thinking of, not Scott Sonnon...not disrespect to Scott Sonnon but I was on Scrappers website...anyway, Great stuff Scrapper. Again sorry bout the mess up. Hehe.