Scott: Wrestling and IOUF

Haha! LOL!

I'm thinking if you 'go' against a fat guy, you can also grab one of his rolls! ;-)



I hope Scott doesn't mind if I make a short comment! If so, feel free to delete this.

I too am a wrestler. However, with the exception of a few grasps (although there may be!) on the belt, stomach and middle back, I have found there is a correlating grasp w/o clothing. In other words the grasps Scott shows are used to get ahold of an area and not neccesarily a grasp on clothing/no clothing. They are not techniques per se.

For example, when Scott grasps the clothing at the wrist (hey I don't know the Gi/Kurtka term!!) is the same as wrist control in Wrestling. Take the grasping at the collar (behind the neck) and you have your head/neck control or tie-up.

The idea is controlling that 'region'. Just do some exploring on your own and try to find how you can make a similar grasp that Scott shows on clothing on someone without clothing. They are there! So I guess the basic idea would be that whether he/she has or has not clothing (if it is a she hopefully no clothing! ;-p) you want to control the 'region' and not be stuck in a technique mindset of gi and no-gi grasps.

Also, "Gi" training can be useful if you live in an area where there is a cold winter and people wear heavy clothing during that season.

I'm not sure if I am too clear (or even correct!), hopefully the more adept guys or perhaps Scott will make any corrections.


Aus: There is a jacketless equivalent to the front-of-belt hold, but it's not something you do in polite company. ;)

Why, excellent description there Ausmeiter!!! Most excellent.

Ok, I just viewed your IOUF tapes and I have to say I learned alot. I got the most out of the joint mass tape because I feel I can apply most of what's on that tape to my wrestling skills. I wanted to ask you if there is a tape coming up like IOUF only for no gi takedowns. For instance, you could probably explain more on the leg fencing being used on the ground. I am a wreslter and I like useing my legs on the ground to control my opponent. Another thing is that I found that the first 2 tapes focused on throws and gripping with the GI. Since I am a wrestler it was hard for me to relate to this because I "shoot in" to take a person down. Anyway is there another tape series coming up for IOUF without the GI?