Scott: WW question


I asked this on the end of the WW vs. Fish thread, but I was basically just looking to start moving my jogging and weights workouts to the morning, immediately after the WW joint mobility drills. Is there any reason that this would be a bad idea (i.e. the joints would be weakened after the drills and I'd be actually increasing my chance of joint injury)?


Dan, I would limit the running as much as possible. Any physical activity competes with strength gain. If anything place sprints on off or light day/periods, but at least as far away from resistance training as possible.

Use Warrior Wellness for joint lubrication, flexibility and ROM to compensate for possible deterioration via resistance training.



I tend to gas early when sparring, and so I have started to incorporate sprints into my workouts. However, what Scott just said gave me pause.

I don't want the running to mess with my resistance training, which is giving me great results.

Scott, do you think that the endurance benefits gained from doing sprints can be obtained from doing only the Zdorovye breathing exercises instead?


That's a challenging question.

The Zdorovye respiratory exercises increase efficiency and integration (with structure and movement)... but only to maximal conditioning. By Maximal conditioning, I refer to gaining the most of the conditioning level you currently possess. Most people with good conditioning have inefficient and non-contiguous breathing patterns.

However, to go beyond your current levels, you require supramaximal conditioning... which begins to touch upon my system's work with emotional threshold and mental toughness training. To put it bluntly, you need to push your cardio beyond what you currently can handle. There are specialized training methods and strategies that I use with my clients.

It's a balance, a completely personalized balance that must be constantly tuned to your internal barometer.



Thanks for the reply, Scott. I'll keep at it with the sprints, then.

Hopefully I'll get the chance to train with you in person someday.