Scott, your training in Japan?

Scott, could you please describe your training in Japan? Who with? What? Where? When? Why?

What are you talking about?

I thought I read that you trained in Japan...possibly with UWF or Rings guys. Am I mistaken?

Billy Robinson was in the States teaching for the UFWi at the time.

So you trained with Billy Robinson? If so, could you please describe the training and the most important things you took away from working with Mr. Robinson.

I've written about it on my forum in the martial art section. Just do a search there once you join.

Found it. Thanks. Very interesting! I can relate to your need for revenge in a situation like that. I hope you got a little satisfaction at seeing Nelson get his ass kicked in NHB numerous times...even though it wasn't at your hands and feet.

It was immature of me and reflected my 'level' at the time. Now, I look back on it, Steve did some good things for the grappling community, and I hope he's remembered for it.