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damm igor's seminars are on a tough date, around and on tha day of a very big judo championship.


Scott, did you get it?


I'm trying to say that there so many organisation that try to run and SAMBO/SOMBO. I believe there are 4 differnt organisations who try to run sambo events in holland. And youre lucky if you can find 4 tournaments a year.

With the attention igor's seminar is getting i have a feeling there very proffesional that is what sambo needs.

I dropped you an email regards to the seminar.


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Hi Scott,Thanks for the info.I got to say Sambo gets more confusing by the day.Hopefuly igor's organisation and seminar will bring positive intrest in sambo and russian martial art. Its a big thing to have a seminar at the National Judo HQ.Hopefully they will set up a ROSS seminar next :)Aaron Karels

Hi Scott,

I saw a picture of igot yamnikov in a sambo competition with gloves and shinpads on.

Picture can be seen here

Is a sportive version of combat sambo? if so what are the rules.


BTW if i might add a quik plug.

Igor places third in the World Combat Sambo championship this past year. It was very much like MMA but with pads. Igor also placed first in the Masters World Championship that week.

I saw some pics of Igor from the fight, he did well against far younger opponents.