Scotty Jorg's skin looks WAY better

I wonder did he receive some sort of treatment for his vitiligo? At any rate a good fight, and he does not look nearly as scary with normal skin.

Go Jorg!

sosa'd IMO

and a vote up to jay ray

MentaL - 

His tats look great now Phone Post

Not good tats imo, but Im glad his skin condition is looking better.

like sammy sosa....dickheads

like sammy sosa....dickheads

I thought he covered up the troubled areas with more ink.

His Vitiligo is simply just spreading more and more. His blotches of his original tan skintone are less now. But atleast his facial features will match his skin once the Vitiligo fully takes over. He's seemed to handle it well.

He has no choice, since he's a fighter. Great win also. Phone Post