SCOTUS leaves Indiana University’s vaccine mandate in place

The Supreme Court will not interfere with Indiana University’s vaccine mandate.

On Thursday evening, Justice Amy Coney Barrett turned down a request from a group of Indiana University students to block the school’s requirement that students be vaccinated against the virus.

Barrett, who is responsible for emergency appeals from Indiana, denied the students’ request without comment, without seeking a response from the state, and without referring the request to the full court for a vote – suggesting that she and the other justices did not regard it as a particularly close case.

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No suprise, this country is corrupt to the core. “ judges” “ Supreme Court” means absolutely nothing anymore. No checks or balances left.


Should have cribbed arguments ftom @D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. letter

Can any of you faggy lefties explain why you’re cheering for this?

Because they support government (who run the state university system) control of everyone’s lives.


So they feel safer with daddy govt “watching” over them? Can’t make their own decisions without Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow telling them what to think.

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The students should transfer to a college that doesn’t have a vaccine mandate.

If enough students do, IU will change their tune.

Who the fuck would want to go to college in indiana, anyway?


It is a pretty clear case, and it has been decided before.

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Because they love the very notion of control as opposed to liberty.


First one to reach the Supreme Court though.

These supreme court justices are all pulled from the same pool.
They’ve all gone through the same sorting mechanism and the days of a conservative who is interested in liberty are over. They would have been weeded out early in the process and made more money in the private sector.

It’s ridiculous to mandate the healthiest least vulnerable population imo.

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Doesn’t surprise me. @Kirik_Jr is an Indianian… They aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed if ya know what I mean… :joy:


Of course they didn’t. Supreme Court is lazy AF. I’d be surprised if they read past the title of the docket.

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Larry Bird literally turned into a bird.

I dont think it “reached” the supreme court. It was an emergency appeal and had the presiding judge advocated for the case to be heard then you could say it “reached” the supreme court. This was an emergency appeal that just so happened to be in the oversite of a judge who just so happens to be a supreme court judge.

I could be completely wrong but it was my understanding that an appeal was pushed due to the fact that school is starting back up soon.