SCOTUSwatch - Abortion, 2nd Am., Religious Liberty, Climate, Immigration rulings all set to come out today or thursday

No it was not a “gift” to either side. It does not help either side one way or the other.

I do agree that a draft is just a draft and the public release of such does not mean that is how the vote will go down. In alot of cases a justice will draft opinions both for and against and in this situation(if that is the case) there is not a whole lot of evidence to indicate if that draft was indeed just that.

You are correct in stating that it will indeed be one hell of season “finale”.

“iT’S wHaT kAveNAuH LIED aBoUT!!@@@@!!!”


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Why you missing from the Ukraine thread?

You dropped a bombshell in there yesterday and disappeared. People are interested.

Soaking a tampon in alcohol and shoving it up your ass. This was a big thing some years ago. A couple of kids died from alcohol poisoning.

Thats a bingo…

To be honest, I have been going through a bit of an internal crisis over the Ukraine situation

I need some time to process new information

Please tell us the lie

He lied about not sexually assaulting Dr. Ford, for starters.

Also lied about the definition of boofing.



It’s got many definitions

Shoving drugs or booze up your ass is one

Farting is also one

this was 40 years ago (or more)

How many virgin teens like kavanaugh who were drinking beers at Timmy’s with the boys were hooping ecstasy?

Lol none you retard vtco


wrong and wrong

We have 3 days left this session for decisions

  • Wed 22
  • Mon 27
  • Wed 29

Animated GIF

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has that been announced? because i thought it had been announced that today and thursday were the last two days but that was wrong, and they can go into july sooooo idk at this point lol

Not announced but its the typial session schedule to realease Mon/Wed through the end of the month

They could throw everyone for a loop and announce on a random day if they feel like it

Which case is that?

Whether or not Biden can scrap the remain in Mexico program for migrants

MPP is Migrant protection protocols, the name of the program

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Every right winger knows what boofing is you Nazi! Don’t pretend you don’t know what its is lol