SCOTUSwatch - Abortion, 2nd Am., Religious Liberty, Climate, Immigration rulings all set to come out today or thursday

Just look for a uhaul in a random parking lot



Is it possible to go 5 for 5 here?

When I was in high school (mid-late 80s) boofing= butt fucking.

And first response nailed it.

The left are already reeeeeing over decisions. This is going to be full on meltdown if the leak draft is confirmed.

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SCOTUS has announced Friday this week will also be a decision day.

So tomorrow and Friday, 10 AM.

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Saturday night:

Democrats realizing their terrorists voters are going to ruin their propaganda grift on how their political opponents are terrorists…

Episode 17 Laughing GIF by The Simpsons


13 cases still left for this session.

Does the court have the showmanship to save Dobbs for last?

If voters didn’t see the eight months of riots by the Dems in 2020 for the domestic terrorists that they are, then they never will.

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