Scrapper's Boot Strapper Exercise?

What's the purpose of Boot Strappers and how do they get the legs stronger? Boot strappers is one of the exercises that Scapper includes in his lower body workouts. The reason for my question is that I find Boot Strappers really get my legs sore very quickly and I'm just wondering if they are really worth doing. Thanks for your comments.

Trust me on 3 things: 1) Bootstrappers WILL make your legs stronger, just like bodyweight squats will 2) I've used them for years with thousands of people and know they can strengthen your legs, and 3) many class participants, clients, and other trainees have cursed my to hell for the soreness that Bootstrappers can bring.

It does get easier over time, you just have to build up to it.

Keep at it!

Train hard,


One good thing about bootstrappers, properly done, is that there is significantly less shear stress at the knee compared to regular bodyweight squats (or god forbid pistols), since the center of mass is fulcruming around the knee throughout the lift.

Link to more info about bootstrappers? What are they?

Thanks Scrapper. Those boot strappers have humbled me a few times. I can never never get through 4 sets of 25.

Here it is,

it looks like a porno exercise and hurts like hell. My clients are like "WTF?" when i tell them the exercise. After doing one set they understand what they do. It looks strange but it works.

"I can never never get through 4 sets of 25"

How about 4 sets of 25 of actual barbell squats?

What would be the difference?



I love bootstrappers! Best combination of cardio and over all conditioning. Quick question for you though. Can you suggest any additions to the bootstrapper to work the upper body a little more? Thanks.