Scrapper's Workout 1 Question.....

I have been doing Scrapper's workout 1 minus the chinups ( for the past year or so and have had good results. I have usually done it every second day or so. I enjoyed doing it on my off BJJ days. I also did the workout and was running every second day for a while. I am not currently doing BJJ and I don't usually run at this time of the year due to the weather.

I have been thinking about adding Workout 2 every second day or doing workout 1 every day. My question is, would it be alright to do these bodyweight exercises every day or should I have a day in between for my muscles to rest? I plan to continue doing workout 1 and I am looking for something to compliment it.

Thanks in advance.

All you can do is give it a shot and see. If it feels like too much (I always tip myself off to overtraining by not looking forward to my workout, usually I love working out), stop.

Thanks Seul. That makes good sense.

I'm wondering too though if it's good to have a day off with this workout in terms of resting your muscles for growth or with these bodyweight exercises does does it matter if you do them every day.