Scrappers workout #1 ??

I am going to start Scrappers workout #1, just curious how often I should be doing this workout? Also if somebody could describe the shootfighter/hindu squats that are listed in the workout I would appreciate it. I am very eager to start this as it looks very challenging, anyone else done it?

These links should tell you how to do hindu squats.

Those links don't show the shootfighting or hindu squat. They aren't on the excercise pages on the site itself. The only lowerbody excercise descriptions are for boot-strappers, reverse squats, and revers bleacher squats. Thanks for the response though.

It isn't pretty and take what he writes with a grain of salt (500 reps...) but the pictures are good enough i guess:

Stick with the Reverse Squats on my site. They're less painful on the knees and you can bang them out VERY quickly. ;)


Thanks for the quick responses, how many times per week should I be doing this workout?

2-3 times per week depending on your recovery ability.


Thanks again, can't wait to get started.

Hey Sabresfan -

I am doing it too and it's working great! Check my thread if your curious about someone elses experience with it:

Good luck man-

What is your web site address Scrapper? Is that where your #1 workout is listed?


Baldilocks, check out and look under the workouts section.

Pain is good.


Bootstrappers... when I first saw this exercise, I thought what a waste of time, i'll do 100 all 4 sets in one go. I got to 18 and felt this intense burning in my thighs, forced my way up to 22 and fell over.

"Pain captain pain."

My conclusion was bootstrappers are hard.

yeah bootstrappers are ghey until you do them.

"Pyramiding means you do 1 pushup, stand up, rest for 20-30 seconds then drop back down and do 2 pushups, etc. Keep the rest times consistent and work your way to 12 reps. Take a 1-minute break, then work your way back down from the top."

I want to try Scrappers workout1 but, I dont quite understand this explanation of pyramiding.It seems like a long break between reps of pushups.Sorry but could someone explain this to me.

Thanks, Bryan

well, if my math is right, a pyramid to 12 results in 144 pushups ... all I know is I am very grateful for the rest periods later in the sets. =)

The rest periods seem short in the beginning but get much 'shorter' as you reach the top of the pyramid. Most people have a very hard time finishing this workout on their first try while keeping the rest times at the recommended duration. ;)

Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.