Screw Healing in BGs

So I'm in AB on my prot pally defending blacksmith with a lock. Couple inc alliance and i'm healbotting this guy spamming cleanse and healing him with my lame mana pool. He ends up killing one he's fighting the other another ignores him goes after me. Bubble is on CD and I'm just about OOM this hunter comes in behind from the lake and starts beating on me. So, I die...

Next thing you know this lock PSTs me ragging me out telling me my heals suck, l2heal, all that shit. So I'm pissed telling him to fuck off and not to be a dick because I was healing him and this hunter killed me....and i'd be glad to stop healing him. He's like "do it ur healz blow". I don't heal noobs I dunno from now on. In fact, I'll just go ret and tell people to eat my ass with a dirty spoon. Glad I play a hunter mostly. People are gay.

Heh, Healbot isn't the best IMO. Grid is better for BG healing. I guess you should receive heat for being prot in bg's though, maybe the lock assumed you were holy? I'm requested for healing premades on my server, but am ret these days so they can you use that dirty spoon.

I have 360 resil and 1700 healing, so I rarely got those kind of comments. I miss healing a bit because the praise you get is usually genuine. I know what it's like getting a 6k heal when you're about to die, it's horny.

I have like fucken 2 resil total, either way it's just gay to bitch if you get any heals at all spec or whatever. I didn't heal random dbags on my druid or shaman that much for the same reason. Like 3-4 holy lights and some cleanses and it's oom if you got no gear - which I don't. Not my fault that facerolling lock couldn't kill more than 1 person while getting lame pally heals. I wish i coulda just bubbled and waved goodbye to him. :)

i love BG healing. :)

With a nice aid, high resil and some good players BG healing is awesome and can give a real sense of achievement.

With a pally busting out 1400 normal FoL's it can be rivetting in a pitched battle. you can be fast enough to save a number of people. That tension when you're wondering if you should drop your HL over the FoL because it's safe too, knowing when to use your bubble, and target acquisition priority makes it good times. The enemy has to know you're hard to take down though.

I was wailing away on some fools last night as ret and I ran into a priest with a noobish rogue and decent warr laying into him.. I pitched in and was watching in horror as I crit him for under 1k.. I looked him up and he had 470 resilience. That sort of survivability will have you cherished by all dps around you.

thats why i love disc spec for my priest. great survivability. U can keep 5 people alive while getting attacked by 5 people.

.< I hate you.

Priest are a nightmare for any pally spec.

puts on rain coat

Ohhhh, poor Londo.. Lashing out cos you barely stack up against anyone, te he.

When did I say it was hard? I said it was fun, and sometimes it can be quite tense.. Or, do you just breeze through healing cos you're 'THAT GOOD'.

Tell us about the farming trinket being good in bgs again, I need a laugh.

ret with crit and ignore armor eh?


do it sean! i will be your personal healer!

I always thank healers no matter what..

On a side note I tryed to take down a Resto druid in EoS and just couldn't. He healed thru everything. How much mana do they get back going bear form? he seemed to have endless mana..

I hate critical cunts in BG. You always come across these uber generals of war who are more than happy to tell everyone what they did wrong.

Being a priest in BGs can be fun but you always get butt raped first in any fracas.

ya exaclty - I continued for a while just to see how long this would go on...

Ab - you've played 70 druid , how was he getting back so much mana?

lol fuck healbotting a caster, healbot a good war and watch you two win games

I dunno, when I get healbotted we tear shit up.

Healbotting a lock generally works pretty well since they have unlimited mana with a healer.

Sean you need to remember that the most satisfying thing about healing bg's is going out of your way to let douchebags on your team die.

As for the druid he gets full mana regen in bear, but it costs about 600 mana for him to shift into it. As a lock your best bet is to fear him in caster or travel and drain mana while he is fear locked.

'Should be healing other people - drain life isn't healing anyone else.'

Yeah its dumb..

Plus healing gear doesn't effect Drain Life at all.

But on the other hand the Mortal strike debuff does.

dangerboy, when I was healing you in EoTS that day I was still feral wearing my kara healing gear though. Totally different because stacking HoTs is instant casts. As a pally you get the dreaded countdown when kicked, pummeled, counterspelled, etc unless you're bubbled. Not on that I could innervate and shift bear and still put a fight up against melee, get out of snares, or regen mana without having to worry about stupid viper stings and shit. Easy mode.

I know sean but I have had healbots before. Priests, pallies, and druids. Priests are the best at it by a long shot imo.

But I will admit pvp healing is just a matter of taste. Either you love it or hate it, there is no middle ground.

I have a lvl 70 holy pally and I despise logging on to that son of a bitch. PVE healing is normally fun, because if you do your job right things dont come straight after you. In pvp healing is more about keeping yourself alive than keeping others alive.