Scuffed up wood floor. Best way to repair?

Accidentally scratched up my dark grey wood flooring in living room. Not very deep at all, and it’s not that much, but just enough to drive me nuts every time I walk by it though. 
What would be best product to cover that up? Thanks 

Haha I feel you my new house years ago I built the front end of my car in the living room

i put a towel down but when I lifted it I beat the hell out of the floor

it stayed that way until hot water tank leaked and insurance put in a new floor


real hardwood or laminate flooring

Hopefully someone else can chime in as I know the feeling of looking at it and it sucks 


Bit of vegetable oil into the crack then clean off. It's the simplest quick solution and if that's not acceptable, you are able to try another solution with out any issues.

Just a scuff, or a scratch with depth to it?


Here are some options

Laval Luc - 


This screws you out of many options. You could sand down and refinish a real wood floor, and make it like new.

You can't do much at all with laminate. R and R IMHO, or learn to live with it.

(Remove and Replace)

What about carpet?



Which brand of flooring?  Some brands also sell touch-up markers that can hide small scratches, dings, and shit. 

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Wood laminate flooring is not wood. This applies exactly zero to this discussion.

It mentions wood many times, it says nothing about wood laminate, which is typically made of:

The surface is a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer.
The inner core layer is usually composed of melamine resin and fiber board materials.

So...not wood.