Sculpture (sort of) part2. WIP

I sketched these two angles of this face yesterday, and scanned them. I am going to make this into a metal mask type thing just as an exercise in 3D modeling, and I will post progress pictures as I go.So this first images is how it looks with nothing but the reference images mapped onto planes.I know Skimmy knows how to do this, but maybe some people here would be interested.


Cool sketch for a mask too.

You going HDRI it?

when all is said and done.

I love these WIP threads.

I've never had a clue how these things are done, and now I'm more confused, but I find it really interesting.

sorry, no updates today, I am practically disabled at the moment.

Physically disabled? What happened?

I fucked up my back and my right arm has been numb for a day now.

That usually isn't a good sign, have you gone to the doc?

I smoothed it out a lot and changed it a bit, here are some progress renders...

hey, i like that

you need to HDRI that shit wegro.