SE Qld event dates 04??

Could those in the know please fill me in with dates of mma and jiujits events for se qld in 04? ...I'm planning stuff, yeah thats right, stuff.. and dont want to clash with anything else.

Matt Cooper.


lol. The Aus Grapple calendar comes out soon, that will help you out.


if you get informed of anything that isn't already listed on Ozgrapple, let me know and I'll update the Calendar too. Additionally, anything you do plan, once you've got a date, let me know and I'll chuck it on. There is no drama should things need to change down the track either.



cheers jason, will do

jeers nick

what if one was planning on having a series of 4 big grappling comps (one could call it a circuit even) on the gold coast/brisbane on the following dates? nudge nudge wink wink

march 13th

may 29th

august 7th

october 30th


that would be gay