Seagal on Merv Griffin, early 1980s

The big guy has skillz

lmao at demoing with a little kid, what a wimp.

I don't use strength

puff puff

I don't need strength

puff puff

His aikido skills are there, his attitude later became annoying.

Li Mu Bai - lmao at demoing with a little kid, what a wimp.

I don't use strength

puff puff

I don't need strength

puff puff

The Japanese are a small race, no need to point that out.


NowhereMan22000 - The big guy has skillz

He actually came off as charismatic, too.

The early years of Seagal's training.

reminds me of the time i first saw Above the Law and thought aikido was the most ultimate martial art. lol.

good vid. thanks.


Very interesting watch. You can see how he became a popular movie star. Should have stuck with the effort to stay "slim and trim" though.

did all of you miss the "George Dillman"-esque energy that kept his Uke down at the beginning?? That was plain silly. 1:20

That was dumb Steven.

His moves are so powerful that the poor guy is even tapping a few seconds after Seagal has released him.

 SS would kick the living fuck out of each and every one of you

I'd say his ass-kicking days are definitley over

K-Dub-"T" -  
Was that James Coburn at the end? Shoulda JKD'd him right there in the name of Bruce....

I think Coburn was the one that got Seagal on the show. At the end, Griffin, says "thanks for bringing us another winner".

Something I'm surprised noone on the UG has talked about, is Seagal's new show, Steven Seagal-Lawman. I saw a preview for it at the movies. It opened with Seagal teaching two police offers disarming and compliance tactics. (bluenamer please)

Steven Seagal is a reincarnated tibetan Lama!

from wikipedia:

"and a supporter of Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, and the cause of Tibetan independence. Spiritualism and Buddhism play an important role in Seagal's life and he has been recognized by Tibetan lama Penor Rinpoche as a reincarnated Tulku of 17th century eastern Tibet, Chungdrag Dorje. According to Seagal in a November 2006 interview: "I was born very different, clairvoyant and a healer".[4]"

My friend took Aikido for years, along with White Crane Kung Fu. I like some of the things he would do, and he is formidable against certain people, but his description of both arts was the best I ever heard. He describes both as "The art of fighting peasants". He means its great for fighting those who don't know how to fight, but isn't very effective against a balanced attack. He spent the last 6 years boxing and admits it has its holes but says T.M.A. guys generally under rate boxing.

"lmao at demoing with a little kid, what a wimp."

That's not a little kid, that's my first Sensei, and he's actually my size. Seagal is just a tall fucker.

If I remeber correctly, the Japanese created Aikido from JuJitsu because they needed something that they could still practice but not with the intensity of JJ. It was the "sport" version of JJ.

I've worked out with several bb from Akido and they couldn't fight their way out of a wet paperbag. One of them was a bouncer with me and he was KOed by someone half his size.

LOL he should of used those skills when the mob shook him down in real life!! Read!