Goddamnit, I just had to watch my team blow a 17 point lead with 5 and change left. I'm still surprised when I see coaches run a super conservative offensive and defensive gameplan when they have a lead. Play the style that earned you that lead! The highs and lows of the NFL... If I was an owner I'd have stroked out years ago.

"Also - NFL needs to change their OT rules. Adapt the college format, or a format like it."

Im sure every fan would like to see this happen.

Yep, some new system is needed. I don't the college one is the answer, though, since it takes out special teams and places the ball in scoring position from the getgo. Still, it's entertaining as hell and still more fair than the pro overtime.

I wanted the Seahawks to win that game. But after watching them piss away that 17 point lead, they deserved to lose.

I agree with JJTechnician. I would prefer them to keep the current OT system, but guarantee each team at least one possession.