SEAL/marks III is F%#king ON!!!

THATS RIGHT! just talked to tony my mentor and promoter of Reto Maximo and he says that he talked to marks guy david and it looks like I going to get to beat some ass a fue times in june,,,, club baby rock,june 27th,for the superfight belt Reto Maximo6 see ya there spinlesly4ever....


is this Ultimate combat or reto maximo??

reto maximo

they are going to use the Baby Rock venue too?? cockblocking eriq kind of arent they?? oh well, the venue is sick.

no theres no cock block it's tony. reyes,tony,eric it's like a big ass family here and this will be like the 3rd or forth time tony had his event there so even if we all wern't close it still wouldn't be a cockblock.


Well it looks like cockblocking,

Well, this is certainly good news indeed! Of course, I don't know why they talked to Dave, because I don't even speak to him. Either way, I'll be there with with an evil stare! See, Mikey, I told ya that I said a little paryer for you. I prayed that you would get to enjoy talking more crap on the computer for at least another month till I got to put your arse to sleep again. Man! The power of prayer! LOL

Oh, hey, I did see you in this months issue of grappling magazine. Good job on that, but hey, why was your face in that guy's crotch? Hey man, I'm just wondering. After all, some of the best fighters are gay, look at Homer Moore! LOL, ok, ok, I'm killing myself here!

Cedric The Entertainer...LOL

this is going to be fun....