Sean Hannity: Work 90 Hours a Week If You're Poor | is Hannity being an asshole here?

Spend my entire life working to make the fat cats richer while I scrape by? Yeah, I dont think so.

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are there any pics of hannity training?

No idea if your math is right but that’s an easily liveable wage

I like Hannity but his MMA is mcdojo status. Hard not to laugh at his " highlights."

any videos of his highlights lol

any pictures of hannity doing REAL WORK LOL

Of course two Bernie (who is a documented loser and has been supported by the tax payer his entire miserable/scammer existence) supporters are against the concept of working long hours.

i can see what you mean but where is proof that hannity actually worked manual labor before?

easy to tell others to work 90 hours from a cushy air conditioned studio lol

my father worked a min of 60 hours a week his whole life. always had 2 jobs that i remember, but my mother told me when they first got married he worked three. she’d meet him at a bus stop to hand him dinner.

came to the country didnt speak a word of english. learned it, learned 2 seperate trades machinist/tool maker and washing machine repair.

had a 3rd grade education and came here with 3 bucks in his pocket.

fuck whinney cunts today that cry about hard work and the gov isnt giving them enough well fair.

how many fucking hours did settlers or pioneers work? or farmers? back in the day


The main issue these days is that everything was fine until the Biden admin came in like a wrecking ball. I’m supposed to work 90 hour weeks and miss my family because you’re a globalist schill paid by China to tank the economy?

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Here’s where your hard work goes.

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I get the defeatist attitude amongst the youth and yes the government is horrific… but… hard work is not just something to look down on. It’s a trait every great country has embraced since the dawn of time. Do you think Chinese are lazy?

This. I used to shop in a ghetto grocery near an exes place. Right in the middle of government housing and when I went on welfare check day you could tell cause it was packed and all their carts packed with premium ice cream and shit lol i even seen them stocking up on 20 packs of microwave ruce for $1 each instead of buying a 10lb sack of uncooked rice for $12

They dont understand the value of something they didn’t have to earn, that plus they are plain stupid


I didn’t watch the video. I don’t know what his tone of voice was like in the video, or his delivery.

Kevin Samuels said in one of his videos that a man should be working at least 60 hours a week.
“You can’t be proud and broke at the same time”

I’m a married father of five. I’ve worked a minimum of 60 hours a week in a hospital for the past 17 years.

First thing is first, minimize your expenses. You would be surprised how much money you can save yourself if you stop being a fool with your money. Stop smoking, stop drinking, stop vaping. No junk food, no eating out, don’t prepare too much food that gets wasted, get rid of cable, combine trips to save on fuel, turn lights out, shorter showers. You would be surprised how much you can save on utilities. Stop buying new cars, and buy used from a private seller. If your girlfriend or wife is an idiot with money, take control of the household finances. Then if you still need money, work extra shifts.

I legit stop caring if someone starts complaining about money and I observe them drinking starbucks, eating take-out, smoking, drinking, if they financed a $30k car, or has a woman that is spending him into the poorhouse.

Stupidity is real, my friend. Ron White said it…“you can’t fix stupid.” It legit took me until my early thirties to truly grasp the full meaning of that statement.