Sean McCorkle Vs.Struve Predictions!(official)

...get in early,this is the official thread(read the title).Lay down your wagers and screen name bets.Cork,Struve..what say you on a screen name bet now that you both are on the UG together.(how cute)Let the prognostication begin!

 corky will lose, as demonstrated by the way struve has got under his skin here and corkys failed (and removed) tranny thread.

he can't sleep and his trolling powers have gone the way of the dodo

 mcfaggott is going to lose!!!!!

Sturve is going to knock his head off

I'm going with me. And I'm going to make it look easy.

McOrkle by bearhug slam into rape. Phone Post

 I'm going McCorkle.

This fight might break the internets.

McCorkle by domination.

Struve doesn't seem to have much in the way of a ground game and also seems to think that being able to survive a beating is a strategy.

Will be entertaining.

I'm going with McCorkle. Struve is a great prospect but he really hasn't impressed me much and gets hit way too much. He gets stopped by strikes late in the first or early in the second.

McCorkle by UG sign finger poke.

Herring In A Fur Coat - 
cincibill - Struve doesn't seem to have much in the way of a ground game 

 That's silly.  70% of his wins are by submission.

 The UG has no place for facts fren

inf0 - This fight might break the internets.

Agree. 100%. this site will be down.

McCorkle via anything he wishes!!!FUCKTARDS!


McCorkle by internet savvy!!!!!

Struve by HUGE triangle. Phone Post

 McCorkle EASILY

 Everyone loses eventually. I just don't think Struve will be the one to break the record.

McOracle by rear naked choke

Looking at what most say hear I'll be hated but I don't see Struve losing this fight by any chance.