Sean McCorkle's return to the cage?

 Could be as early as 12/4 on LFC 35 against 340 pound Jeremy "Tiny" Norton.

I have no doubts we'll be able to come to terms with both parties.

Who is excited?

I know I am =)

Would be pretty cool if McCorkle fought someone worth talking about.

 never heard of him

is his injury pretty much taken care of ?


RIP the cage

It'll be like two overweight planets colliding..


Brock is merely a moon orbiting McCorkle, imo

2JupitersTooMany - RIP the cage

 more like they'll rip the canvas

I support Sean McCorkle.

 Im beyond excited for this.

MMArijuana - It'll be like two overweight planets colliding..

Kinda like my dick and your mom's ass

mccorkle should have been on tuf. he's gonna crush this guy

 Oh, and I forgot to mention, somebody has lost 50 lbs in the past 5 months, and will be within cutting range of 265 by New Years..........bitches

 Damn, I am a monster

 you should seriously get into acting

there arent many giants in the world you know?

 And handsome as F, if I don't say so myself

For all of those of you asking yourself, "Is that a $15,000 Rolex he has on in that picture?", the answer is no. It's an $18,000 Rolex.