Sean O'Malley vs. Kris Moutinho

Up next… I got O’Malley

O’Malley via TKO in RD 2.

Moutinho is a sacrificial lamb selected by the UFC to give O’Malley a big push.


I got Sean but you never know what could happen. I’ve never seen him fight and for all I know his wrestling might be the kryptonite to Sean TDD

Hope O’Malley gets his head knocked off.

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Did someome order a boxing undercard match up?

Megan is a classy sexy bitch

It’s like a battle of worse hairdos.

This is ridiculous to watch…

Suga looking good.

It’s like a battle of SJWs.

Yeah, showboat against a last minute replacement at +700

Moutinho is like a young skinny cabbage Carrera. This kid can eat a punch sheesh

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The American Korean Zombie.

Kris was out!

Getting some brain damage from this fight.

Win or lose this man just lost 10 years of life

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Respect to that little guy

Should’ve been kicking O’Malley’s legs the whole time.

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Lol Joe said Deep Shit.