Sean Pierson Returns!!!!!!!!!

Canadian MMA veteran and Canadian wrestling champion Sean "Pimp Daddy" Pierson, will make his return to the grappling scene at the Ontario Submission Wrestling Invitational #3 in Hamilton,Ontario, Sunday December 5th!!!

Sean will be facing off against Abu Dhabi veteran and Grapplers Quest champion Ken Kronenburg(TAI-KAI/Machado)

Wow, awesome news. Glad I'll be there.

Great news...

Best of luck Pierson.

Team Tompkins

Way to go Rick...:)

This is going to be a SICK match.

My money is on Sean.

I dont care what youve heard about me , cause I`m a MOFO'in PIMP !

Thanks guys, looking forward to my 1st sub match

That'll be a nice match up!

i predict this one is gonna be ugly.. :-)

pierson dud ewhat you weighing in at ?? let me know when your by karma i'll come through to help you train


This is gonna rock! Sean, are you doing any of your
training with loaf in Ajax?



What weight category is this at ??

Wondering what weight Sean is walking around at ??

I heard he's well over 200 sometimes .

hmmm is this leading to a return to vale tudo?