Sean Salmon Question

I listened to the Carson Interview and something just struck me as being odd.

Sean Salmon said he never watched a Kerr fight or in a wrestling match.

Rex Holman, who is his mentor I guess, was a 190lb'er in college....Kerrs weight.....right around Kerr's era.....And Kerr was an Ohio HS kid, a great MMA Fighter in his prime, and a NCAA Champ that beat Couture in NCAA Finals and Kurt Angle in Freestyle Trials. I just find it odd he hasnt seen any of Mark Kerr. I havent been on mat in ages, and still have seen most D I Champs esp in same weight I was at in college....and mma hasnt been around so long that you would not get to see a Pride and UFC champ on film.

I dunno, meaningless,  but I just found it odd....

No, saying its fukin a little weird to me. No conspiracy or nothing.  Not seeing Kerr fight MMA is like being a 160 lb boxer and not ever seeing a Ray Leonard fight.

Maybe Salmon was confused by the question.  I mean how can you be an MMA fighter with  a wrestling background and not have watched a Kerr fight or match.  I mean really, who hasn't seen the smashing machine?

Camps guys usually have a really strong sense of history.  This does surprise me a bit.

I give anyone from Damage Inc the benefit of the doubt.

Hearing exactly what was said would require listening to the show.  I would rather low crawl thru a mile of broken glass with a hard on then listen to that fucking rag.  How Joey even finds it funny is beyond me.

Carson, I can only tolerate you when you are not attacking my sponsors. Now it is open war.

apparently this guy is about a year out of the marine corps. He sounds like a pure wrestler. I think its incredibly odd that he said he hadnt seen much of lindland. Where is the UFC digging these people up. Oh well, free shows. I aint bitching.

If you're listening to Carson's show for free, you're still paying way too much.

"You're not a true fan of the sport if you don't listen to Carson's Corner. Choke on that, slapnuts."

Crap I thought MMA had more then 10 fans!

Oh and Joey is right as usual.

Odessa, does this guy suck as bad as you say Kongo does?

He's a wrestler and that makes him ok in my book.   I still Kerr would be more recognizable to any D I Wrestler as opposed to Lindland, especially considering his coach......Holman.......was competing at same weight class , 190lbs, in college at a same time as Kerr ........  And Kerr was one of few Ohio natives to win a D i wrestling championship......and Smashing Machine.......anyways, odd that he never saw him.......

What happened to being a  'student of the game'?

  I guess I'm getting old. 

Rex Holman was a mentor to Sean back when Sean was in high school and during the period of him signing with Ohio State. They are training partners now and trust me when I say, these guys beat the shit out of eachother. I dont think the "big brother" theory is in play at this point.

Sean is a student of the game. Just because he hasn't seen much of Kerr, Lindland, or whoever else doesan't mean shit. I mean come on guys.

Hope to see everyone in Florida!


I guess I'd have to disagree with you on that.  I always thought being a student of the game meant understanding and learning from those who came before you.  I think any wrestler transitioning into mma have something to learn from pioneers like Lindland or Kerr.  Salmon is a super tough guy, but someone should buy him a copy of Smashing Machine :)

I agree that it's very odd to be a real MMA fighter and to have never seen a Mark Kerr fight.

Maybe it's like this. Those who CAN'T fight watch video and study the history of MMA. Those who CAN fight.......FIGHT!!!!

Maybe the single biggest meathead thing I've ever read KKM.  You're not really that dense are you?  Come on, be honest with yourself.

people who CAN play football have probably SEEN Peyton Manning before. lol

I'm sure most baseball players have never seen Mickey Mantle rolls eyes

This may seem odd to many of you, but Salmon didn't really follow the sport too closely before he decided to give it a try. Around the time he first began MMA training, he was called up by Rex Holman to help him as a training partner. Sean was interested and Rex figured that he'd make a relatively smooth transition to MMA. Now days, Salmon catches most of the PPV UFCs and the live shows on Spike but I'd wager to say that he hasn't seen much, if any, of the Kerr/Coleman era UFC events.

A lot of you would be surprised at how many of your upper level fighters never study tape of their opponents. They may have seen a fight or two of their opponent but don't do extensive scouting the way you'd think. Of course this doesn't apply to everyone but there are quite a few guys out there who believe that having a strict gameplan is more of a detriment than a help... especially if things don't go according to plan. Another reason for not scouting an opponent is that sometimes it causes a fighter to alter his style for a particular fight. While that does sound preferable at first, it can be a problem if you get away from what you already do well. A good example is the first time Tito fought Chuck. Tito knew he'd have a hard time taking Chuck down so he instead chose to stand up and trade punches. He abandoned his strong points (TD's, ground control/striking) thinking that he'd be able to surprise Chuck on the feet. We all saw how it turned out. If he'd have been able to take Chuck down and keep him there then it may have turned out much differently.

As for not learning anything from Coleman/Kerr/Lindland... I'd only really agree with Lindland. Coleman never really evolved his game much from when he began. He's picked things up here and there but not enough to really keep up with the top guys. The big thing with Kerr was that he was willing to expand his game. His open-mindedness was what set him apart from Coleman. Lindland is really the one who's evolved the most from when he started but, as it turns out, he's not a guy whom Salmon would probably emulate for a few reasons. Lindland comes from a greco background, Sean does not. Lindland has a completely different body type than Salmon. At this point in his carreer, Lindland has become much more comfortable standing up and striking... Sean isn't there quite yet. He will be eventually, but right now his wrestling and submission game are his strongest points.

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