Sean Shelby takes over Strikeforce matchmaking

Sean is a good guy and a great matchmaker.

Most people don't know that he has been involved with the UFC since at least 33, working hand in hand with Joe Silva and didn't just pop up to take over the WEC.

 WAR Sean Shelby! Second best match-maker in the sport! 

Ghan - Good for him. He always was a great matchmaker in the WEC.


 Can we get Jacare a fucking fight?

Biggest waste of a talented fighter in his prime right now in MMA.

 Oh and Luke Rockhold too please.

I loved Sftrikeforce but they let guys like Del Rosario, Jacare, Mayhem, Rockhold and even Woodley sit on the shelf forever.

I don't have any problem with this. Shelby is a great matchmaker and Coker got paid for SF. It is not like he got fired and even if he does, I am sure he got a fat paycheck from Zuffa and will do just fine for himself.