Sean Sherk in Hawaii

have been informed by Sean Sherk that his fight in Hawaii was a disaster!

Sean fought Kalaeo Padilla last night in a event in Kona.

Sean dominated the fight, but it was obvious that the fix was in. From the promoter to the ref to the time keeper. Sean was threatened by fans. A fan tried to throw a bottle at him during the fight and he was just plain SET UP!!!

Padilla fled the ring 3times, grabbed the ropes and was given mercy by the time keeper! The REF did nothing.

It was scheduled for 5minute rounds. At "about" 3minutes in the first with Sean holding side control, throwing bombs and Padilla's arms secure, the bell sounded. WHY????

There was over a 3minute break between rounds for Padilla to gain his breath.

Sean immediately got the takedown at the start of the second, took mount and started bombing again. Padilla rolled, Sean sunk the choke and Padilla tapped.

Then a RIOT broke loose. Padilla was fixed to win. The fans were mad. Sean was jumped in the ring and sucker punched in the back of the head.

If not for BJ Penn and his team Sean would have been in a world of hurt.

This was a B.S. event and one of the top 3 170lb fighters in the world was treated like crap.

Sean was escorted from the arena, rushed to a waiting car and taken straight to the hotel.

BJ's team came to the rescue!

On behalf of Sean and Minnesota Martial Arts Academy we would like to thank BJ and his Team.

To the rest of the fans, the promoter and those involved in this event you are luck you are on an island far, far away from team MMAA!!!


WTF? who was the promoter of the event??

Thats awefull news. What a bunch of B.S.

I just got off the phone with Chris Onzuka. He said that through all the riot Kaleo Padilla was trying to help and cover Sean Sherk. He(Padilla) was very disapointed in the riot but said he lost fair and square. I hope that what happen don't affect peoples taughts on Kaleo.

Sorry to hear what happen to sherk and hope all is well

I also taught the was very cool and sportman like of Padilla to help Sherk

Hats of to both Sherk and Padilla

Can't answer that honestly

They're a bunch of racists in Hawaii. I'm sure they were all pissed cause the "haole" was kicking there boys ass!

Speak for yourself ... Don't mark everyone for someone else fault

Hawaii is mixed with all kinf of racist

"I hope that what happen don't affect peoples taughts on Kaleo."

And then you say...

"Speak for yourself Idiot... Don't mark everyone for someone else fault"

When this gets out on a major scale... I think people are going to draw their own conclusions, and I believe people's thoughts will follow the suit of mine...

i believe everyone have their own opoinon

BJ's team came to help Sean. They are Hawiian.

Damn! That's kinda shitty! I remember when Kaleo
Padilla fought Anthony Torres at SuperBrawl and
when he was caught in an armbar, his father
(Padilla) rushed the ring and tried to hit Torres. I
wonder if the guy that sucker punched Sean was
Kaleo's father?

"Was anyone from MMAA in Sean's corner?"

Nope. Sean was alone. Great negotiations.

This is stupid. There is too little known about this story yet. And even if it were all true with no counter argument of any kind, what about all the other mainland fighters who have come to Hawaii, fought, won fair and square, and were treated great the whole time?

That would make this an isolated incident. But no, everyone's already up in arms, everyone in Hawaii (including the fans!) knew the fix was in, are cheaters, and are racists.

Very good logic.

ttt for more info.

what a bunch of crap......unfortunately I'm not shocked.

There was another thread here on the UG from one of Padilla's buddies and as soon as someone challenged him about SHerk beating his boy he started threatening and and a whole bunch of childish crap.

Thank God Sherk was helped by BJ and his team as well as least a few people had some good sense and sportsmanship.

TT for any other info about the event and who teh promoter, ref, etc. were.

Let's make sure no one does business with them again.

"This is stupid. There is too little known about this story yet."

This is straight from Sean. I talked to him.


They tried to screw Sean. He got the choke. The fans flipped.

BJ's guys got his ass out of there.

Resident Fatty,

Are you back in Hilo now? I thought you were on the east coast or something....or are you on vacation?


Why?! If Sean was some local guy from Kona would this have happened? I think not.

LOL @ the notion of betting money AGAINST sherk...