Sean Sherk in Pride LW GP @ 160???

Pride Bushido is said to be having a Lightweight Grand Prix this year. The weight is going to be 160 and not 155. When I read about this I wondered to myself if Sean Sherk would fight in this tourny. I know Sean walks around at 175 and there has been questions as to whether he would fight at 155 which may be a tough cut. Since this tourny is at 160, I think Sean could cut the weight considering it's for a huge organization. Also, it would be a great opportunity for Sean because they would have to have him back as long as he wins.

I think Sherk would stop a lot of guys at this weight. He has stopped a lot of B level 170 pounders lately, but I think he would stop a lot of A level guys at 160.

id love to see this, and would love to see sherk in it.


If this happens...Sherk will own the GP.

TTT for the Muscle Shark

sounds good to me!

Sean Sherk, Penn, a lot of people I would like to see in the tourny, but most likely it will be four good fighters and the rest a bunch of Japanese cans.

Sherk would dominate a lot of people at that weight.Imagine if Jens, Sherk, Gomi, and BJ were all in this tournament!I would buy every Bushido that had fights from the tournament.

The muscle shark is getting the chocolate shaft as of late......

That would be AWESOME!!

Sherk could cut to 160 lbs no prob,i remember reading an article where he said when he first started fighting he was going to try it @ 170 lbs and if he was getting manhandled at that weight he was going to fight @155 lbs.

I wonder if it will be a 8 man or 16 man field and how many shows it will be on.I think a 8 man tourny held on one night would favor Sherk,he typicly doesnt take much damage in his fights and he is a cardio MACHINE.

Add to the fact that he will be 10 pounds lighter then normal and you have a fighter who is going to set a crazy pace,wear out his opponents and hurt them-BAD!!!


Win or lose on the 31st, I would expect Pulver and Gomi to be in this tournament. Mishima, Buscape, Aurellio, and who else?


I'd say Chris Brennan and Caol Uno will also be in the tourny.

Any 8 man tourny @ 160 lbs HAS GOT to have - Pulver,Sherk,Gomi,Penn,Hansen,Clemeti(sp?)Buscape and someone like Yves,Thompson or Hermes (if the UFC would allow it)

Sherk would still win though -imho


Any welterweight cutting to 160 deserves either respect or an IV...not sure which.

Jake, let's not forget that Yves Edwards, Matt Serra, Rich Clementi etc, etc used to fight at 170 and now fight at 155. For Frank Trigg or Georges St Pierre to cut to 160, they would need an IV, but for Sean Sherk I would just call it smart if it meant getting into the Pride LW Grand Prix. I believe Sean Sherk would still be very strong at 160 since he only walks around at 175.


Lytle can make 160.